data vs. insights

“Why” Matters: Data vs. Insights

In my internet wanderings this week, I came upon a Fast Company article from ancient history (2011) from design firm, Method. The theme was parallels between standup comedy and innovation. I like a good analogy article, but a few of their points resonated on their own. Specifically, they relate to the idea of data vs. insights:

Data Does Not Replace Insight

You Can’t Test Your Way to a Decision

Know Your Audience, Then Ignore Their Advice

UM WaveX Remix Culture Study

Do Consumers Trust Online Reviews and Social Media Influencers?

I love a good marketing trends report, and UM’s recent WaveX Remix Culture did not disappoint. Amid the report’s large take-aways about nostalgia, localism, and repurposing culture was something I find especially crucial in our current marketing environment: customer trust. How brands and retailers build and maintain their reputation is evolving and becoming more challenging.

In particular, the WaveX report included two data points that stuck out to me: